My writings reach a range of audiences: business, policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs and non-profits. My goal is to open eyes, cross new boundaries and encourage new ways of thinking. Here is a selection of my recent favorites:


World Economic Forum Sharing Economy Report (lead author - 2013)

Making Sense of the UK Collaborative Economy (author of Chapter 4 "Managing, Supporting and Regulating the Collaborative Economy - 2014)

Cities & Policy

How Can We Make The Sharing Economy Work Better For Cities (World Economic Forum - April 2016)

"Sharing Cities" Book Review (Stanford Social Innovation Review - Winter 2016) 

2015: The Year of the Sharing Economy for Cities? (World Economic Forum - Jan. 2015)

Four Ways Cities Can Embrace the Sharing Economy (World Economic Forum - Nov. 2014)

Rethinking Cities as Sharing Platforms (Huffington Post - Oct. 2014)

Let's Jumpstart Our Cities' Idling Reserves (WIRED UK - Aug. 2014)

Sharing Economy in Cities: Towards a More Inclusive Urban Future (The Guardian - June 2014)

Top 10 Things A City Can Do To Become A Shareable City ( - Feb. 2014)

How Shareable Is Your City? ( - Oct. 2013)

Travel & Tourism

Cuba & the Sharing Economy: What the World Can Learn (World Economic Forum - June 2016)

Connecting an Unconnected Tourism Industry (World Economic Forum - July 2015)

Travel Redefined by the Sharing Economy ( - Jan. 2013)

Future of Work

How Innovation Is Helping the Self-Employed (World Economic Forum - August 2015)

What Is the Future of Work, Travel and Mobility? (World Economic Forum - May 2015)

Future of Finance & Risk Management

Why Your Assets Are Safer in a Sharing Economy (World Economic Forum - July 2015)

Social Innovation

The Sharing Economy, Through a Broader Lens (Stanford Social Innovation Review - Feb. 2015)

Four Ways the Sharing Economy Can Change the World (World Economic Forum - Feb. 2015)

3 Lessons on Financial Inclusion and the Sharing Economy (Huffington Post - Oct. 2014)

Canada National Collaborative Economy Tour (including summary report and visuals, by Cities for People - March 2014)

Lessons from Microfinance for the Sharing Economy ( - Nov. 2012)

Sustainability & Development

Igniting the Power of the Sharing Economy (SALT - Feb. 2016)