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Below is a selection of some of my favorite past speeches and interviews.

Reinvent: How Cities Around the World Approach the Sharing Economy (interview / podcast)

The Power of Crowdsourced Platforms (interview, Copenhagen)

Reimagining A World Based On Trust (Sustainable Brands co-keynote with my husband, Jerry Michalski)

This speech looks at the sharing economy and microfinance -- two areas of expertise -- in the context of trust and relationships. 

How Sharing is Powering a Sustainable Future (MaRS Discovery District, Toronto)

This speech was one of a series of presentations I gave as part of the Canada Collaborative Economy Roadshow, a collaboration between Social Innovation Generation (SiG) and Collaborative Lab. Events were held in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

The Sharing Economy for Cities (EcoDistricts summit, Boston)

This speech introduces the Sharing Cities concept. It is a good primer for people working on sustainability and local economic development.