The sharing economy has the power to transform almost everything. But we're far from reaching its full potential today. I advise companies, cities, policy makers and investors to bridge these gaps. In the process we're rebuilding relationships, designing for resilience, and bringing invisible value to light.

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April Rinne

Sharing Economy Guide and Globetrotter

I am an advisor, guide and thought leader in the sharing economy. I build bridges and translate crucial conversations between stakeholders: companies, governments, non-profits and networks. I'm also a globetrotter, having traveled to 90 countries (and counting).

I bring deep expertise and a range of experiences from my career in sustainable development, new marketplace creation, social enterprise and innovation, and regulatory reform. I'm a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, where I lead the Sharing Economy Working Group, and serve on the Urbanization advisory board. I also serve on the advisory boards for Seoul...

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Living an Upside Down Life

Helping people see the world in new ways.

I have been doing handstands almost my entire life, since taking up gymnastics at the age of 3. My goal is to be strong, balanced and resilient enough (literally and figuratively) to be doing them at age 100. more »


Where In the World Is April?

I love to travel. Practically speaking, I was born traveling. My earliest memories are of exploring maps with my father, who taught me that "the world is bigger than your own backyard" and encouraged me to see as much of it as I possibly could. more »