I work in the sharing economy at the intersection of the public, private and social sectors. I guide a range of stakeholders to better understand the sharing economy and what it means for their purpose, operations, strategy and future relevance. 

My clients include sharing economy companies, startups, Fortune 500 companies, city and national governments, social innovation firms, global development banks, non-profits and think tanks.

My work focuses primarily on four areas:

  • Policy: how do we regulate sharing economy companies and activities effectively? How do we assess new business models that do not fit neatly within current rules?
  • Cities: how can the sharing economy can help municipalities, urban planners and civic innovation? What's a Sharing City?
  • Travel & Tourism: how does the sharing economy affect how, where and why people travel? This also fits well with my own globetrotting: 93 countries and counting.
  • Future of Work: how do new sharing, collaborative and on-demand platforms affect the labor market? Are we shifting to a "freelance economy?" What do these shifts mean for human resource departments, talent mobility, and public policy?
  • International Expansion: what does the sharing economy mean for emerging growth markets: business innovation, urbanization, inclusive growth, sustainable consumption and well-being?

Sample engagements include:

  • Advising a global sharing economy platform on public policy engagement, early-stage market formation, partnerships and international expansion.
  • Advising a global technology and software company on policy issues including taxation, worker benefits, safety and liability.
  • Delivering a series of workshops and presentations for policy makers and other private, public and social sector stakeholders in cities across Europe and North America.
  • Advising a Fortune 100 company on business model innovation and sustainability strategy.
  • Advising a startup focused on insurance, risk management and the sharing economy.
  • Advising city/municipal and national governments in Europe, Asia and North America on the sharing economy, sustainable tourism and smart urban growth.
  • Advising a network of North American cities on the sharing economy, urban planning and resilience.

My expertise spans geographies, industries and business models. I am often called upon to spark conversations, explain the big picture, build partnerships and refine strategy. 

Think of me as a guide, translator and ally to navigate the new economy. If this sounds interesting, I'd love to hear from you.